About us


liphakoe 1994


Liphakoe FC is the soccer club owned by the community of Quthing in Lesotho.Liphakoe Football Club play in the Premiere League of Lesotho Football(Vodacom Premiere League).

The Team got a promotion to the top tier league in 2014/2015 Footballing season.

Liphakoe FC is the intense football experience

Liphakoe Fc stands for SPEED, HARD, ENTERTAINING and QUICK(sheq) . There’s an intense character to everything we do. Our ground is the epicenter. This is where all of Liphakoe’s energy is released. We enjoy a special place in the hearts of all our fans: their unconditional loyalty has carried us through the good times and the bad for many years. We are determined to give them something back. Be it through sporting success, or through our promise to remain true to our traditional ethos and be as we’ve always been: sincere, candid, battling and grounded in the values of Moyeni – the city and its people.


Liphakoe FC is a uniquely speed footballing experience. Everything about the club is charged with maximum energy and deep emotion. The club colours maroon and gold are a visual expression of this speed,just like “Mighty hawks” does on the sky. It makes Liphakoe unique and ensures that the club captivates so many people.


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Liphakoe FC is wholeheartedly loved by its fans. Like them, “The maroon and Gold” is deeply connected to the values that characterise its home city Moyeni. We wear this authenticity as an honour to our King. It makes Liphakoe endearing and ensures the club is supported by its fans through thick and thin.


Liphakoe FC is a spiritual home and extended family for many people. “The mighty Hawks” carries enormous appeal: for the people of Quthing, it is the one constant that provides happiness and solidarity in a city that has experienced so much upheaval. The fans’ unconditional loyalty is a visible expression of this Entertaining Football we give to our Fans. It has made Liphakoe a crowd magnet and ensures that the club can always rely on its fans even during difficult times.



Football is not just about strength.speed separates the outstanding from the very good.Playing Speed Football,paying Hard,making Entertaining football and and playing quickly make us unique from the other clubs.