How we utilise International break-Tsutsulupa

November 16, 2019

“We are using this break to sharpen our finishing as Coach Tsebang Lebata has been helping our attacking players with their composure infront of goals,as a former striker himself we believe he will be able to get through to the players and help them a lot, goalkeeper coach has been working with the defenders and goalkeepers to improve communication at the back as well as supporting and covering at the back”.

“We have identified our focus points in terms of the improvements we need in the team as a technical team,so we will be a better team when we play Linare fc especially finishing our chances even from Set pieces”.

“And we are working on quick ball rotation in the middle so that we can get into the FINAL THIRD as much as possible during games, we believe if we get to improve those three elements we will be able to create a chance after a chance meaning we will take some of our chances, we need to be able to create atleast 5-8 chances per game in order to WIN matches,so it does not only need be about scoring goals but more about creating more chances in game as we believe we will be able to take atleast 3 in 6 chances, we will have created”.


“Keep supporting us our improvement is Imminent”.

  1. “Take care and have a wonderful weekend” #Phakoenation


  1. SEBOKA MOLOINYANE - November 21, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    100% behind you


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